Pure Karate Skills (Photoset + Video)

Ange is a Deadly Karate Black Belt, training hard with her partner in the dojo. A lot of lethal kara...

Destroying the Heavy Bag (Video)

Do you like kicks? Taekwondo Girls Barb and Vic doing an impressive kicking work against the traini...

Kicks in Skirt (Video)

Taekwondo Red Belt Barb doing a nice kicking demostration on video.

Barb and Mel Fullfighting (Video)

Barb and Mel beating the masked thief in the forest.

Nico – Karate Especial (Video)

The full karate training video of Nico. Including full Stretching, Kicking and Punching.

Bet Spandex and GI Training

Taekwondo Black Belt Bet streching and doing some nice taekwondo moves, including KATA.

Barb Kicking Special

Barb POV strikes, and training. An amazing clip!

Barb Taewkondo and Ground Fighting

Barb is no just kicking strikes, she also is a powerful grappler. In this clip you can see both.

Barb Deadly Taekwondo Skills

Taekwondo Barb in a powerful training, striking heavy bag with high and medium kicks and some punchi...

Emi Video 1 $7.99

Emi Video 1

Emi and her sister practicing some nice karate  moves to camera.

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