The Vault

This section is related to offer you some of the best classic martial female videos thrugh the time

Caribbean Deadly Woman 1 – Video

Caribbean deadly girl video edition 1 Stretching, high kicking in black leggings and training

Mel and Ka Training

Mel and Ka training. One in spandex and the other in School Uniform. This is a classic VD video. Qu...

Mel – Brutal Leg Scissors Choke

Classic Video A kung fu girl applying deadly leg scissors choke.

Barb and Emi Full Fighting Video

Classic VD video. Emi and Barb in full fighting force! Gi and Bikini.

Mel Queen Of Kicks Oldie Video

Amazing VD video. Queen of kicks Mel kicking ass in skirt and pantyhose.

Deadly Taekwondo Woman on TV

Originally was transmitted on Chilean TV around 2006, Blackbelt Taekwondo woman show how deadly she ...