Martial Girls Guest

Two Deadly Taekwondo Girls – Classic

Two Taekwondo Black Belts training and applying some nice self defense moves against an attacker.

Kicking Masters Photoset

Mel and Eve training her martial arts alone in the forest. Heavy bag training, kicking drills and p...

Into Karate Dojo (Classic)

Classic Set Two Skilled Taekwondo and Karate Girl training into a karate dojo showing her deadly te...

Real Martial Girls Wear Skirts

Taekwondo Girls, Pam and Jes,  loves kicking ass wearing skirts and pantyhose, in Purple and black s...

How Powerful is my martial art

Yoha and Mel decided to prove what martial art is more powerful. Karate vs Kungfu. To test how power...

Yoha and Mel training in Different Clothes

See how Karate Yoha and Kung fu Mel use different clothes as tight leather pants, spandex and others...

Martial Girls in the Park

Karate Black Belt Ange and Taekwondo Black Belt Eve kicking serious ass.

Mel vs Yoha FF. Pantyhose and Denim

Both experts in martial arts, fighting in Pantyhose and denim. Amazing Photoset.

Pure Karate Skills (Photoset + Video)

Ange is a Deadly Karate Black Belt, training hard with her partner in the dojo. A lot of lethal kara...

Pantyhose Mad School Girl

Lia is Mad Karate School Girl beating her oppopent with no mercy. Kicking and leg scissors included.

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