Femlatinfighters in GI Photosets

Karate Sisters. The Gi Session

Emi and her sisters are powerful karatekas. Both are international champion in Kumite. Her technique...

Barefoot + Gi Special 2

Barefoot + Gi Special 1

A lot of barefooted + gi Pictures Mixed. Part 1

Nico Karet Gi Photoset

Nico is a pretty Karate Red Belt training alone in the dojo.  Forms and kicking available

Taekwondo Victory in Gi

Taekwondo Victory Training in Gi

Mel and EVE training in GI

Taekwondo EVE training with Kung Fu Mel in the forest

Ka in Deadly Karate Gi

Taekwondo Jen Pretty Gi

A Classic set. 31 pictures

Emi and Mel training in the Park (GI)

Karate EMI and Kung Fu Mel training together in GI.

Emi training her Karate in Gi

Karate Red belt EMI training her Karate in the dojo.

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