Martial Girls and the Victim 1 – Skirts edition

Emi and Bet displaying amazing martial techniques against an attacker in the park. Including: leg sc...

Two Deadly Taekwondo Girls – Classic

Two Taekwondo Black Belts training and applying some nice self defense moves against an attacker.

Taekwondo Kicking Godess

Pam, Red Belt in Taekwondo stretching and displaying her highly skilled kicking techniques wearing s...

Kicking Masters Photoset

Mel and Eve training her martial arts alone in the forest. Heavy bag training, kicking drills and p...

Fem Fury

Barb and Victory fighting barefooted in denim. Both are taekwondo experts. Great Fights!

Punish in Black Dress

Pam, Red belt in Taekwondo applying some hard hits in Black dress.

Two Spandex Taekwondo Girls (Classic)

Barb and Victory training her taekwondo in spandex. Includes a nice fighting sequence.

Are you sure?

Barb and her special taekwondo training challenge to any man to fight. Spandex and skirt training.

Deadly Taekwondo Woman on TV

Originally was transmitted on Chilean TV around 2006, Blackbelt Taekwondo woman show how deadly she ...

Into Karate Dojo (Classic)

Classic Set Two Skilled Taekwondo and Karate Girl training into a karate dojo showing her deadly te...

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