Taekwondo Kicking Godess

Pam, Red Belt in Taekwondo stretching and displaying her highly skilled kicking techniques wearing s...

Kicking Masters Photoset

Mel and Eve training her martial arts alone in the forest. Heavy bag training, kicking drills and p...

Mel The Kung Fu Master 1

Master Mel applying some deadly Kung Fu techniques to her partner. Leg Scissors, high kicking and n...

Karate Sisters 2 – Karate Techniques in Short Skirt

Emi and Pri kicking serious ass using her  Karate Techniques in cute short skirts. Kicking, punches...

Mel and Yoha Kicking Special

Mel and Yoha , training her kicks in spandex

Yoha and Mel Photo shoot

Mel and Yoha in Black spandex and Leotard showing her martial arts in Photo Session.

Strangle the Mask man and 2 Martial Girls

Mel and Eve showing her deadly techniques in the forest. Mel finish the mask man using her Kung fu. ...

Taste my Kungfu in Pantyhose and Pink Skirt Part 1

Mel , Kung fu expert decides to show how powerful her kung fu is. For that, she wear a pink skirt an...

Mel Queen Of Kicks Oldie Video

Amazing VD video. Queen of kicks Mel kicking ass in skirt and pantyhose.

Are you sure?

Barb and her special taekwondo training challenge to any man to fight. Spandex and skirt training.

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